Installing flatCore CMS

in less than five Minutes.

Technical requirements

The system does not require any extraordinary components.

  • PHP 7.3+
  • with PDO/SQLite Module - PDO/SQLite is supposed to be active by default.
  • mod_rewrite Apache-Modul
  • Optionally: MySQL


The installation takes only a few minutes. Download latest stable Version from or get the latest Build from


Important: for using mod_rewrite you have to rename the file _htaccess in .htaccess. Filenames that begin with a dot are reserved for the system itself (on Windows or Mac OS you can't name the file .htaccess). Therefore, upload the file first and rename it direct on the webserver.


  • Upload all the files to your Server
  • Navigate in your Browser to the /install/ directory. For example
  • Enter the desired information for an administrator.
  • Hit the Install Button
  • If flatCore is installed successfully, navigate to the directory /acp/ and log in with your access data.



The system now checks whether all required write permissions have been set ...


Enter the required data for an administrator ...


If necessary, provide the missing information about the domain


For the SQLite variant you can now click directly on "Start installation". If you prefer to use MySQL, you must now enter the required data and check the connection to MySQL.


If the connection to MySQL was successful, you can now start the installation.


That's it. Now you can go straight to the backend (administration) and get started.


If the installation was successful, you can navigate directly to the ACP. Simply click on "Administration". By the way, you can always reach the backend via the URL If you have installed flatCore in a subfolder via


Roadmap Release Notes

The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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