Pages overview

We have two types of pages. Ordered pages and Single Pages. Ordered Pages are automatically added to the Navigation. Single Pages are not available in the Navigation but they are listet in the sitemap and search results.

You can filter the pages by Status (public, invisible, private, draft) and language. In addition, there is the search field.

Furthermore you will reach from here to the sections "Snippets", "Customize Pages" and "RSS Feed".

Add, edit and delete pages

Position / Page Order

Select where the Page should be displayed. Pages can be defined as Single Page, Homepage, Mainpage or Subpage. The Page Order determines, the order in which the pages will be listed later.


Simply enter the text you want to appear in the main navigation or in the submenus as the name of the page.


Add the relative URL on which your Page shall be available later.

Example: news/ for

Head (Code/HTML)

Here it is possible to inject CSS, Javascript or additional Meta Tags.


Change the settings according to your needs. Set the Editor Mode, choose the Language of your Page.

Specific Template

Here appear all installed templates. So you can assign a different layout to each page.


Once a module is installed, it appears in this selection list. If you select a module, the page content is generated by this.


  • Public
    are visible to all visitors. They are listed in the Sitemap, listed in the search results and stored in the cache files.
  • Invisible
    same as public pages but do not appear in the search results, the site map or the list "Updated" ...
  • Private
    can be seen only by administrators or by specific user groups.
  • Draft
    can be seen only by administrators.

Choose Usergroups

If you work with user groups, you can assign the page to a group. Only members of this user group can visit now this Page (administrators generally have access to all pages).

Allow editing

Administrators who actually can not create new pages or edit existing ones, can get access to this single page.

Roadmap Release Notes

The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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