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flatCore CMS

Latest version of the content management system.


This module will help you if you

  • want to switch from SQLite to MySQL
  • want to import Entries from publisher.mod

alp.mod - Translations

With this module you can expand the standard language files and / or replace existing entries.


Show the well-known "Cookie Consent Banner". You can store as many cookies as you want and simply specify which code is executed as soon as a visitor rejects or accepts the respective cookie.


With the add-on carty.mod you can create a shopping list (similar to a shopping cart) for products. All entries that have been created using the Posts > Products function can be added to the watch list.


Manage orders, tasks, customers, products and services. Track your working hours and create reports ...

Entries 1 - 6 (Total: 6)


The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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