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flatCore CMS

Latest version of the content management system.


This Addon helps you to organize your Page structure. You can also easily edit the metadata of all pages.


This theme is mostly a copy of the original default theme. It comes with 4 precompiled color themes.


This module will help you if you

  • want to switch from SQLite to MySQL
  • want to import Entries from publisher.mod

alp.mod - Translations

With this module you can expand the standard language files and / or replace existing entries.


Show the well-known "Cookie Consent Banner". You can store as many cookies as you want and simply specify which code is executed as soon as a visitor rejects or accepts the respective cookie.


With the add-on carty.mod you can create a shopping list (similar to a shopping cart) for products. All entries that have been created using the Posts > Products function can be added to the watch list.


Manage orders, tasks, customers, products and services. Track your working hours and create reports ...

Entries 1 - 8 (Total: 8)

Roadmap Release Notes

The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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