System & Preferences

Here you can specify the settings for the entire page. Nearly all the entries are self-explanatory.

Page title / Subtitle

The default page title (can be overwritten in each page). Depending on the active template, this information may appear at different locations.

System E-Mail

This information will be used for shipping the system emails. For example, when the confirmation link will be sent to a new user.

Global Headers (HTML)

Here you can, for example, link Javascript libraries or save CSS specifications. This information is loaded into each page. A typical example would be the Google Analytics code.


All database files can be downloaded to the local computer by a single click. For security reasons, there is no upload function for these files. To activate a backup again, the SQLite file(s) must be uploaded via FTP to the directory /content/SQLite/.

To save space, older statistics databases (logfile***. Sqlite3) can be deleted directly from the here.


Auto Update (Beta)

Once an update is available, you see a message in the ACP / settings. Clicking on Update starts the script. This function updates all necessary directories and files. Also "blucent" the default template will be completely replaced.

Manual Update (recommended)

A manual update is done in a few minutes.

  • Download the latest version from or GitHub.
  • Replace all directories and files through the current
    The directory /content/ - here are stored all your data. The directory /styles/ - if you use your own themes, you may only replace the folder /styles/blucent/.
  • Open your browser and navigate to the directory /install/ (if you are not logged in, you need the user data of an administrator to start the script).


The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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