The indexing of content


Not all content or pages are created using the standard features of the system. Content can be created in different ways:

  • Modules can generate content or pages
  • Plugins can generate content
  • Foreign content can be loaded into pages ...

For this reason, a simple search function that searches the database fields of the created pages would never be complete. That is why flatCore creates its own index for the search function. Similar to the well-known search engines, flatCore starts at a certain point of your page and then follows the links to find more content and pages.

Since the indexing process can take a long time for many pages or large amounts of content, not all pages can be indexed or updated at once.

In the Start input field, you specify where the indexing should start. As a rule, this should be your start page.

With the button Multiple Indexing you start the indexing process. The system will now search already indexed pages for links to pages that are not yet in the index.

To update the content of the indexed pages, click Multiple Update.

Exclude content from the index

You can exclude elements from the search index by using the Exclude elements fields. An example: Your page has a footer with your name in it.

<div id="footer">Max Mustermann</div>

A search for Max Mustermann would now simply return every single page from the search index. So we exclude the footer from the index. To do this, enter div in the Element field and the ID #footer in the ID/Class field.

In the left column you will find all pages that are already included in the index. So all pages, which are listed here, can also appear in the search results.

In the Exclude URLs section you can exclude whole pages from the index. Simply enter the (absolute) URL of the page. For example, /imprint/ or /privacy/.

By the way, the right column shows you some tips or warnings in case you have basic errors in your pages. For example, missing meta data or ALT and TITLE tags in images.

Roadmap Release Notes

The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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