Technical requirements

The system does not require any extraordinary components.

  • PHP 5.5+
  • with PDO/SQLite Module

PDO/SQLite is supposed to be active by default.

So far successfully tested webhosts are (alphabetical order):


Download latest stable Version from or latest Build from

The installation takes only a few minutes.


Important: for using mod_rewrite you have to rename the file _htaccess in .htaccess. Filenames that begin with a dot are reserved for the system itself (on Windows or Mac OS you can't name the file .htaccess). Therefore, upload the file first and rename it direct on the webserver.


  • Upload all the files to your Server
  • Navigate in your Browser to the /install/ directory.
  • Enter the desired information for an administrator.
  • Hit the Install Button
  • If it is installed successfully, navigate to the directory /acp/ and log in with your access data.