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flatCore Plugins

12.05.2021 11:10

We have a new repository for free flatCore Plugins. The first 10 plugins are already included. Soon there will be more ...

Included Plugins

All of these plugins are licensed under GPL-3.0 License and can therefore be used absolutely for free.

  • ajaxform - a simple ajax form
  • bs-carousel - bootstrap carousel
  • bs-modal - bootstrap modal
  • bs-tabs - bootstrap tabs
  • captcha - a captcha for forms
  • downloader - download button for uploaded images
  • form - another simple form
  • imglinks - gallery from uploaded images
  • posts - Show the most recent posts (new)
  • video.js - embed uploaded videos
  • youtube - embed a youtube video


Roadmap Release Notes

The development of flatCore CMS is very time consuming and requires a lot of resources. Nevertheless, should remain ad-free. You are welcome to support this project with a donation.

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